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I wasn’t trying to sully the ears of the church-going patrons of the fish fry, in the basement of a Catholic church, on Ash Wednesday. I was merely attempting to share a story with friends. A story I must have been excited to tell because my voice kept getting louder until I was abruptly shushed for shouting “fuck.” Being I’m no one-trick pony when it comes to embarrassing myself, I followed it up by describing a character in a TV show as “quite the little slut.”


I can be a paranoid person in general. Like, say, when a cop car is in front of my apartment and my gut reaction is to hide in the closet (they are here to get me, I know it). Same goes for overhearing conversations. Clearly, they are talking about me. Did I not just hear […]

The makings of a good drunk dial are simple: get in your cups, stay up late, keep your phone handy. I suppose I should also mention (for those fortunate enough to be unfamiliar) that the receiving end of a drunk dial tends to be a crush or ex. As Urban Dictionary so eloquently says, “The […]

To be fair, it was an accident. I thought I did know him. And it wasn’t a proposition exactly. More like a friendly reminder. See, I went to school with said stranger. We knew each other sort of. Then he moved. Then he moved again. Then I decided to give online dating a whirl and […]