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So, you know, go on, brush your shoulder off. Jay-Z coined the phrase (or something like it), but, really, I think Salt-n-Pepa laid it out a few years earlier with the 1993 classic, “None of Your Business.” The lyrics are straightforward. The point simple. Ladies like sex. Okay, so maybe you knew as much. But, […]

Just a quick reminder for the ladies. When you have sex before marriage, you’re spreading your legs for Fascism. You’re also being antisemitic. Here you thought premarital sex was just about seven layers of fiery hell and an irrevocably damaged soul.

When discussing a guy I’m kind of, sort of seeing (why I often have no idea whether I’m dating someone or not to be delved into in a later post), I called him by the name of where he works, which just so happens to also sound like a vending machine choice. “What, you categorize […]

Remember when I said a lady does not drunk dial? Oh, and how I said I was good at avoiding it? Yeah, well, let me tell you friends, things change. Quickly. Particularly when you’ve had a few good hours of fascist fun playing Germany in Axis and Allies (and winning, I might add) and an […]

To be fair, it was an accident. I thought I did know him. And it wasn’t a proposition exactly. More like a friendly reminder. See, I went to school with said stranger. We knew each other sort of. Then he moved. Then he moved again. Then I decided to give online dating a whirl and […]