a lady makes a grocery list


I am not a list maker. Well, unless it comes to nicknaming gentleman, but that is neither here nor there. What can I say? Too much organization makes me twitchy. When one of my favorite lady friends showed me a spreadsheet of her clothes, I almost hyperventilated.

Ladies though, I suspect make grocery lists. Why? Well, because I assume they do other things, like eat healthy and stay within a budget. Besides, bad things happen when you don’t make a grocery list. Bad, bad things. Puppies are slaughtered, flowers wilt, and you are at home eating 10 Oreos for dinner with no remorse.

The thing is, I don’t have a lot of complex recipes memorized. Tuna noodle casserole? Got it. Angel hair with vodka sauce? Sure. Head in the direction of five ingredients or more, and, guess what, I need a list. Take into account a broken refrigerator (as was the case for me yesterday, and sadly, I think today too), and things really start to get ugly.

After a trip to the grocery store for nonperishable items sans list, I came home with the following.

Potato chips
Cup of Noodles
Peanut butter
Honey wheat bread
Strawberry Pop-Tarts with frosting

The way I see it, I failed twice: I bought food high in calories and low in nutrition, and I stayed away from buying anything that could be construed as a meal (which led me back to the grocery store today for more food).

Even though I’m more than willing to admit I am obstinate when it comes to putting together a list, living alone is also a guilty culprit. Ever try to buy so much as a bag of field greens when you have no one with whom you can share your salad? (I am not alluding to anything beyond food here, though I wish I was that clever. Suggestions are welcome.) The whole thing gets gross pretty quick.

Strolling around the grocery store, without a list, I can pick up a carton of mushrooms, and think of all the ways I might use them by the end of the week, or I can go to the frozen section and be lured in by pre-prepared, single-serving bliss. Put in no thought at all and don’t have to do dishes to boot? I’m there. And this from a girl who actually likes to cook.

So for you list-making ladies, kudos. You will no doubt be thin and time efficient while I am licking my finger to grab the last of the potato-chip crumbs from the bottom of the bag to avoid another trip to the grocery store.


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